We Thank Our Donors and Sponsors!


The Bok Family Foundation 

$5k - 9,999 

Denise and Stephen Adams

Libby Holman Foundation

State of Connecticut

Martin Dodd

Heather Thomson


$1k - 4,999 

AGO, Greater Hartford Chapter

Choral Arts New England

Connecticut Office of the Arts

Howard Aller & Ann Richardson

Stephen and Philipa Ivain

Gabriel Löfvall & Patrick Lao

R&A Associates of Cheshire

Glen & Audrey Scanlan 

Dan Sherr


$500 - 999 

Lisa Cowan

Howard Aller, in honor of Chico Aller and Anne Richardson

Astrid & Ronald Glander

Elizabeth Malzac

Anne Vogelwede-Green, in honor of Dr.  Gabriel Löfvall


$100 - 499 

Michelle Fenton Begley

Thomas & Ann Bott
Musical Club of Hartford, Inc

Christ Church Episcopal, Sharon

Joyce Rondino Clark

Mary and Roger Coutant

Bei Creamer
Anthony Davenport
Vanessa Flint
Charles & Carol Foss

Zachary Gilbert
Joanna Gitterman

Tim Hitchcock & Linda Creedon
Kenneth Hamblett
Frederick & Barbara Ives

Harold & Susanne King
Joan Kunsch

Lynette Kuss

Jo Loi, in memory of Dr. Malcom R. Howe, father of Philippa Ivain
Neil & Jennifer McLellan

The Musical Club of Hartford

Martha & John O'Brien
Mary Pickering

Susan Pollock
Mitchell Robinson

Andrew Thomson
Anne Mieke Vlasto

Zemma White


$1 - 99 

Aetna Foundation
Pamela Allen

Katherine Burghart
Anne & Phil Carpenter

Cheryl Chiaputti
Deborah Cusack
Julie Davy
Laurie & Michael Ellington

Jean Esselink
Julie Foss
Margaret Galle
Heather Grustas
Robert & Cynthia Hart

Linda Johnson

Agrippino and Bonnie Lodevole

Brenda Matava

Sari Max-Fiss
John Morse
Ruth Simpson
Barbara Vasquenza

Why Donate?

Tuition and tickets sales do not cover the cost of our programs. In fact, tuition and ticket sales income is only 48% of what it costs to educate our young singers and bring music to performance. As a non-profit arts organization, we depend on the generous contributions of members and supporters to our Annual Fund each season. Chorus Angelicus and Gaudeamus rely on contributions from businesses, foundations, grants, and individuals to provide our singers and our community with high quality music education and performances. 


We need to raise over $76,000 each year from contributions and grants – that’s about $1270 per student – in order to make budget.

Your donation allows us to continue our mission to promote beauty and human enrichment for people of all ages through instruction in, and performance of, choral music.


Furthermore, your investment helps train outstanding young performers, and helps them to grow – both as musicians and as responsible, caring young adults.

Here are some examples of what your tax-deductible contribution can provide:

$ 25 provides sheet music to 2 singers
$ 75 provides a guest singer at a concert
$ 150 provides a chorister with a robe
$ 300 funds a scholarship for 1 child to attend camp
$ 600 funds 1 year scholarship for 1 Training Choir singer
$ 1000 funds 1 year scholarship for 1 Junior or Senior Choir singer
$ 2500 provides musicians for 1 concert performance
$ 5000 provides Joyful Noise with the opportunity to commission a new work

Please consider donating to our annual fund, either online or by replying to our direct mailings.