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Bok Family Foundation



Heather Thomson

Martin Dodd

Denise Adams



Glen Scanlan

Dan Sherr

Elizabeth Malzac  In Memory of Paul Peter Butcher

Stephen and Philippa Ivain



Mary Pickering

Lisa Cowan

Greater Hartford Chapter American Guild of Organists

John Dankosky

Jonathan Stone

Michael Levin



Neil McLellan

Bei Creamer

Cindy and Tom Lang

Deborah Leavy

Linda & Tim Hitchcock

Rebecca Bottari


Marie Laser

Michelle Begley

The Musical Club of Hartford, Inc.

Up to $250

Zemma and Ed White                           

Anne Voglewede Green                        

Margaret Galle                          

Susan Pollock                             

Ed Fedorovich  In Memory Of Edward & Dolores Fedorovich         

Greg Clark                       

J. Martin Brayboy                      

Jo Loi  In Honor Of  Anne Vogelwede Green

This gift is in honor of Anne Vogelwede who contributed so much of her time and musical talents to Joyful Noise.  You are sorely missed!

Matt and Pamela Johnson                    

Alice Yoakum                           



Bruce and Helena Fifer                        

Dianne Bridgeman                     

Donna Mikelson                         

E.B. Sinclair                     

Heather Baker                           

Jennifer and Neil McLellan  In Honor Of Claire & Anna Ryan and Emma McLellan 

25 years combined as choristers

John H. and Jane Ellen Makari                       

John Lemega                    

John McDonough                        

Jon Higgins                      

Joyce Rondino Clark                             

Judith Carlson                            

Judy Dubose                    

Linda D. Bell                    

Nancy Twinem                           

Patricia Green                           

Sonia McQuade  In Memory of Paul Butcher                          

The Hardcastle Family  In Memory Of Nicholas Hardcastle 

The Springer Family                            

William Degan                           

Gabriel Löfvall  In Honor Of Anne Voglewede Green         

For her many years of selfless service to our organization, and for her boundless love and care for our mission, children, and staff.  Thank you!

Jean Esselink                             

Robin Turpin                             

Allison Holst-Grubbe                           

Anna Pan                     




Beckie Wallace                                         

Ginny and Wayne Taylor  In Honor Of Music teachers everywhere!

In honor of all the teachers who give the great possibility of music making to children, and through them, to the world.  Joy!

Harold King                     

Jane Lennox                     

Joanne Huelsman                     

John Brett                        

Kelly Hagymasi   In Memory Of Paul Peter Butcher    

Mari Louise Torrant                             

Steve Ohlinger                           

Richard Loyer                            

Suzanne Hinman                        

Suzie and Bekah Heiland                     

Tina Zampaglione                      

William and Elizabeth Lasley                        

Stephanie Cardwell                             

Chris Hanley                              

Forbes School  In Memory Of Mrs. Edyth Howe, Philippa Ivain's mother       

Forbes School  In Memory Of Dr. Malcolm R. Howe, Philippa Ivain's father  

A.S. Calabrese and M. Storopoli                     

Amy Wynn and Eli Horowitz                          

Ann Amicone                              

Barbara Oles  In Memory Of Mrs. Edyth Howe          

Brenda Matava                          

Carlos Nejaime                          

Olga Schwede                            

Robert Hart                     

Sonja Pahl                       

Philippa Ivain                          

Stewart K. Jones                        

Susan Rood                      

Wolfgang Joas                            

Charlene Rogers  In Honor Of Kaitlin Mary Rogers   

Katherine Burghart                              

Roberta Verbyla  In Memory Of Ross    

Sallylu Liciari                            

Anne M. Carpenter                        

Jill Pace  

Linda Johnson

Deb Crowell